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One Woman’s Journey

I wasn't alone. I could trust Claire with our lives, at least that's how it felt. Life or death. (2)

My divorce was almost six years ago, but I still hold my breath when I think about it. No one wants to fail at anything, or feel rejected, unloveable, unworthy. When I look back at this traumatic experience, I see how handling my divorce reflected my character and integrity.

When I initially sat down with Claire, I felt at ease for the first time since “the decision” was made. It wasn’t just because of her powerful reputation. Claire met me where I was emotionally. She told me I was going to be ok, my baby boy was going to be ok. The fierce look in her eyes told me I’d found our protector.

I wasn’t alone. I could trust her with our lives, at least that’s how it felt. Life or death.

Since Claire was handling the divorce, I could focus on doing the things important to keep me sane. She encouraged me to take care of my whole self – mind, body, spirit. She knew I needed space to sort out my emotions so I could make the best choices for our family.

It was hard. But Claire got me through my divorce in the most peaceful way possible. I came out stronger and wiser. She provided the security net I needed along with a strategic plan that reflected my core values.

Claire guided me through the most difficult time of my life. Her wisdom and empathy were exactly what I needed.

Trust, compatibility, reputation, experience. These were my criteria for selecting a divorce attorney. Claire has it all in spades. Her holistic approach to serving clients is an expression of her commitment and concern for each one of us.

I’m so thankful I had Claire in my corner. She walked me through my challenging divorce step by step. I don’t know what I would have done without her.

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One Woman’s Journey

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