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We offer clients a dignified approach to divorce and separation that allows clients to resolve their legal disputes but also allows parents to maintain the relationships necessary to raise healthy and well-adjusted children. New Client? Get Started Here.
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Advocacy Aligned with
Your Core Values

We provide advocacy that aligns with your core values, promotes healing, and minimizes trauma. New Client? Start Here.
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We Care About
the Whole You.

We offer clients a holistic approach to divorce and separation that cares for all your needs – legal, financial, and physical health and emotional well-being. New Client? Start Here.
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Be Empowered.
Even in Divorce

You can’t be strategic when you are scared. We provide education and resources that empower you to make important decisions from a place of strength instead of reacting from a place of fear. New Client? Start Here.
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A Community of Support

We understand the emotional upheaval associated with divorce and have curated a community of experts dedicated to helping you navigate the divorce process with greater ease so you can get to the other side of your divorce healthy, happy, and whole. New Client? Start Here.
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Not Broken

Your marriage may be ending, but your family can be preserved. We will help you reorganize, restructure, and redefine your family on your terms. New Client? Start Here.
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Move Forward
with Confidence

We will work with you to craft creative and practical solutions for you and your children so you can move forward confidently into the next chapter of your life, and the next iteration of your family. New Client? Start Here.

Know Your Divorce Options

You have a choice when it comes to selecting the process to resolve your family law dispute.  At Claire Samuels Law, PLLC we believe you can dissolve your marriage without destroying your family or depleting your financial resources.


Divorce Mediation

Mediation is an alternative to litigation that allows parties to take the decision out of the court’s hands and make it their own. Mediation provides a structured, confidential, and non-adversarial setting to resolve family law disputes. The mediator facilitates negotiations between the parties with a goal of reaching mutually agreeable resolutions. Mediation allows both parties the opportunity to tailor a solution to their specific needs and resolve their dispute early in the process. 

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative law is an innovative and practical alternative to traditional divorce litigation that is quickly becoming the method of choice for families negotiating the precarious world of divorce – especially those involving complex financial and business affairs. Unlike mediation or litigation, collaborative divorce utilizes a team of specially trained professionals across multiple disciplines to help both parties address the overall needs of everyone affected by the process. The resolutions reached through this process are typically more effective and sustainable than rulings imposed on parties through a court order.   

Divorce Litigation Services

Divorce Litigation

While most North Carolina divorce cases are resolved without the need for trial, there are some cases that simply cannot be resolved without litigation. In litigation, both parties and their attorneys go before the court and argue their case.  After the evidence is presented and the witnesses have testified, a judge will make the final judgement. 

A Becoming Divorce is a holistic approach to divorce that allows you to reorganize, restructure, and redefine your family with dignity and grace.  Collateral damage is unavoidable in a courtroom divorce.  Claire can help you resolve the legal and financial issues that must be resolved as part of any divorce, but she can help you do it in a more Becoming way.  She has also curated a community of professionals prepared to address any other concerns, questions or needs you have throughout the process and beyond.  We offer support in the following areas:

Legal Services


Claire focuses on family law matters with vast experience in mediation, collaborative law, as well as complex litigation. She is an unwavering advocate for the best interests of children and committed to helping families navigate the highly emotional nature of any divorce with greater ease. In 2019, North Carolina Lawyers Weekly named Claire to its annual “Leaders in the Law” list, honoring the state’s most influential legal professionals. Claire was also recently selected by her peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America© 2021 for Family Law.

Financial Protection & Distribution Services


Claire has extensive experience analyzing a wide range of income and asset division scenarios and is committed to helping her clients achieve financial resolutions that provide them with peace of mind as they move forward into the next phase of their life. If additional resources are needed based on your specific financial circumstances, Claire has built relationships with some of the best financial experts in Charlotte and throughout the U.S. who can provide business valuations, tax calculations, pension valuations, asset tracing, future financial projections, and other financial services.   

Health & Well Being

Physical Health and Emotional Well-Being

Claire brings a unique balance of advocacy and empathy to each case.  As a child of divorced parents, Claire has a personal knowledge of the effect of divorce on children and places the well-being of her clients and their children at the forefront of every case.  The stress and grief that accompanies divorce is real which is why taking care of yourself during your divorce is so important. Claire understands that some clients may need additional support during this time and has curated a community of the best coaches, therapists and other wellness experts dedicated to supporting you through the divorce process and beyond. 

Be Empowered,
Even in Divorce.
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About Claire Samuels

Claire has made it her mission to refine the divorce experience. She believes divorce offers clients a transformative opportunity to design a positive future for themselves, complete with financial and emotional security.  To this end, she provides her clients with the tools necessary to help them construct a solid foundation on which to build their new life.

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Claire practice focuses in the areas of family law, which includes various aspects related to the dissolution of a marriage, including but not limited to the issues of child custody, support, visitation, property division, divorce-related financial issues, post-dissolution matters, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, and orders of protection.

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