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Optimal Nutrition and Self-Care During Divorce

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3 key factors to prevent the unhealthy divorce diet

Guest Contributor: Chef Tillie

When going through your divorce, you will have many important decisions to make that will affect you and your family’s future. It is critical that you nourish your brain’s ability to think critically, manage emotions and fight inflammation that can cause disease. I encourage you to look at this season as a prime opportunity to take control of your nutritional health.

It is very easy to allow your nutrition to fall to the bottom of the priority list. But stress eating or skipping meals are both detrimental to your overall physical, mental and emotional health. Focusing on your nutrition facilitates your ability to be strategic and remain emotionally calm and collected. After all, we can’t fully take care of ourselves or others unless we are properly nourished.

Here are three key factors I like to share with my clients when they are struggling with divorce:

• Mind-Body-Soul

Think of your body working together as a whole. What we put into it feeds our brain or not, makes our hearts healthy or not, can prevent cancer or not, makes our skin glow or not…we absolutely ARE what we eat.

Scientific research shows that brain fog, depression, lack of sleep, and disease can all be traced to stress. However, what we put into our bodies can also help or hurt us. Choose wisely. But, also have the freedom to treat yourself on occasion. After all, feeding your body and soul begins with your mouth!

• No Fad Diets

Diet can seem like a 4 letter word but it is simply defined as “the kind of food we eat”. There are plenty of diet fads out there – including the unhealthy “divorce diet”. However, most have zero longevity and can even be detrimental to your health. Be sure to proceed with caution when deciding to take one on. When going through a life changing experience like divorce, a fad diet has a tendency to be a distraction. Go back to that simple rule of thumb—eat healthy and stay active.

• Eat in Color

Quite simply, if your plate is beige and bland then you are most likely not eating foods that will nourish your body. Monochromatic brown tones set the stage for unhealthy carbs and fried foods. Instead, reach for gorgeous colors. Incorporating colors on your plate without unnecessary fillers and preservatives makes for a healthy and delicious meal.

We are lucky. Charlotte, North Carolina is full of fresh and fabulous Farmer’s Markets. Make it a priority to check out your area’s own local markets. Eating seasonal ingredients will ensure your meals are packed full of flavor. The more color on your plate, the more nutrients you will ingest – including vital antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

No matter what stage you are in this life, you only deserve the best there is to offer. From meal planning to a plethora of nutritional tips and useful information, I am here for you to offer my expertise as a professional chef and certified nutritionist for you and your family. Protecting your health and well-being through optimal nutrition during divorce and beyond is one of the best ways of self-care.

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Chef Tillie is a culinary expert, personal chef and ensuing cookbook author. She continually reaches for her Pacific Northwest roots fusing it all together with fresh, gorgeous ingredients indicative to whatever area she visits and her French culinary background. Chef Tillie creates gorgeous, elegant dishes for her highly sought after dinner parties and clients, even traveling with them to fabulous destinations.

Claire Samuels Law, PLLC works with you to resolve your legal issues while also providing the resources and experts you need to facilitate the healthiest process for you and your family.

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Optimal Nutrition and Self-Care During Divorce

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