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How to Take Care of Yourself During Divorce: 5 Helpful Ways to Fuel Confidence through Self-Care

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Guest Contibutor: JoBrent Diehl

Divorce is often messy, difficult and can take a toll on not only your emotional, but also your physical well-being. Some women struggle with feeling secure and confident post divorce. When your identity has been linked with your spouse for so long, it can be hard to navigate who you are apart from that person.


Confidence is a key element of internal well-being and happiness. When you feel confident, you attract opportunity into your life.


Social Psychologist and Florida State Professor Roy Baumeister found that in a large-scale study done with 31,000 college students from 49 universities, 31 countries, and five continents,  high self-esteem was the most important factor for predicting overall life satisfaction. 


Self-esteem predicts happiness!


So how do you gain confidence? Here are five helpful ways from Personal Development Expert Tracy Kennedy.

  1. Identify where you would like more confidence.
  2. Uncover what gives you confidence. Think about the times when you felt most confident.  This will help you understand what fuels your self-esteem.
  3. Be true to you.  The more you understand who you are and what you value, the stronger you will be.
  4. Acknowledge your talents, skills and success. At the end of each day, write down the 3 things you did well, felt good about, or were proud of yourself for.
  5. Just do it. Action builds confidence and every step you take, however small, will build it further.


I started Infinity Medspa & Wellness in 2016 because I wanted to help women look and feel their absolute best at every age and especially during the times that take the highest emotional and physical toll.  Supporting one another is part of our core mission, and it’s why I’m so excited to be a part of Claire’s Curated Community. 

As Charlotte’s premier medical spa, we take pride in helping our clients feel confident in their everyday lives. We specialize in the latest non-surgical cosmetic enhancement treatments, from wrinkle reduction to skin rejuvenation, fat reduction, laser hair removal, muscle toning and so much more. We are proud to offer the most advanced technology, giving women real, rapid and natural-looking results with minimal downtime. 

Making positive changes to your outward appearance can brighten your emotional state. We are here to support you through this difficult time by fueling your self-esteem so you can show up during your divorce empowered with confidence!



Clients may need additional support during their divorce. Claire Samuels Law, PLLC has curated a community of the best coaches, therapists and other professionals dedicated to supporting you through your divorce process and beyond.

Claire Samuels Law, PLLC works with you to resolve your legal issues while also providing the resources and experts you need to facilitate the healthiest process for you and your family.

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