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Reimagining Divorce

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Guest Contributor: Jodi Hummer

The end of a relationship does not mean the end of a life.

It is the end of a chapter.

It is not easy to move on. Unfortunately, you can’t snap your fingers and suddenly life is beautiful.

It takes time.
It takes effort.
It takes courage.

Getting beyond the stages of grief will be a process. So much of it has to do with the thoughts you choose to harbor.

It is tough to think about the future if you continue longing for “what was”.

When your thoughts and emotions revisit the past, ask yourself,

“If going back to the past were not an option, where would I like my life to go?”

Remember, historical thinking is not in your best interest. Keep moving forward, focused on the magic of what is to come. Your ideal life awaits you.

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The power of working with a compassionate coach like Jodi during divorce is their ability to inspire you to see beyond the pain of today. To help you create a vision for the life of your dreams. To fuel hope.

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