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Stepping Into Your Style After Divorce

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4 Ways to Uncover Your New Look

Guest Contributor: Kristin Heinrich

Life is full of transitions. Afterall, the only constant in life is change. And sometimes change, even when it is painful, is necessary to grow and to become the best version of ourselves. 

Any divorce, amicable or not, is stressful. But no matter what transpired to get you to this place, you will survive. It’s just a turning point. Remember, every ending leads to a new chapter, a new beginning.

This new beginning can be the perfect time to transition your wardrobe to create a clear vision of what your new life will look like. That starts with how you want to present yourself going forward. 

A wardrobe cleanse and organized closet will ensure that getting dressed daily won’t add stress, but spark joy in the possibilities of each new day. 

  1. How To Define Your Style

Many of my divorced clients were dressing for their former spouse and are unsure of how to figure out their personal style. My advice is to start with how you want to feel in this next phase.

  • Sexy
  • Bold
  • Vibrant
  • Joyful
  • Playful
  • Creative

Yes, you can choose clothes and designers that inspire your authentic self. You may even want to create a fun style board by going through magazines and ripping out the looks that make your heart happy.

2. Editing Him Out of Your Closet

Now is the time to edit your former spouse’s opinions out of your closet. Perhaps there was a particular style that you loved but never wore because your ex-husband didn’t care for it. Be influenced by whatever fashion speaks to you, not what someone else says you should wear. 

3. Dress From the Inside Out

Let’s talk a little about your sleepwear and lingerie. The outside world might not know what you’re wearing, but you certainly do. Feel fabulous – even if you’re sleeping alone. I love gorgeous silks, cashmere or even a playful romper.  Refresh your drawer with luxurious items that bring a new, positive energy. ​

4. Expand Your Fashion Horizon

Working with a stylist gives you the opportunity to explore new fashion options that may not be on your radar. True, shopping won’t cure your grief. But new clothes can revive your hope and optimism for the future.

So, now is the time to experiment and try new things. Wear the clothes that reveal your sparkle and give away the ones that weighed you down. Refreshing your look, especially when you’re ready to date again, will fuel your confidence. And confidence is sexy and exciting!

Just what the next chapter of your life is ready for…the empowered version of you.


Kristin Heinrich’s bi-coastal clientele runs the gamut from Forbes Top 50 highest paid athletes, hedge funders, media production companies, Fortune 1000 executives to women and men needing assistance with a special event or packing for a trip. She is grateful to be able to offer her guidance to help women going through divorce navigate their new path with style and grace.

Claire Samuels Law, PLLC works with you to resolve your legal issues while also providing the resources and experts you need to facilitate the healthiest process for you and your family.

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