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3 Reasons Why Prenups Are A Good Idea

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Money is the second leading cause of divorce. So, why not start your marriage with a clear financial strategy?

Here are three reasons why a prenuptial agreement is a smart decision.

1. Financial Clarity

True, prenuptial agreements are neither sexy nor romantic. But they are a great tool for making sure you are on the same page regarding financial expectations and long-term financial goals. Sure, a prenuptial agreement will include a plan about what happens in the event of a divorce, but it can also provide a platform to discuss how you will handle the day-to-day financial decisions that have to be made in any marriage (i.e. How will regular monthly expenses be paid? What are your savings and retirement goals?). If you and your partner are out of alignment on these issues, wouldn’t you rather know on the front end? That way, you can talk through and create a financial plan together, as a team.

2. Emotional Clarity

Interestingly enough, it’s not necessarily the lack of money that causes conflict. Couples with millions of dollars still argue about it. The disagreement typically lies in how both people feel about it, so getting in touch with those feelings just makes good sense.

Talking about money can trigger anxiety and bring up all kinds of uncomfortable feelings. Fear, shame, anger and resentment are typically what you find right underneath the surface of many money blow-ups. What if instead of being afraid, you got curious?

Prenuptial agreements offers couples an opportunity to understand each other’s connection to money. It gives you the chance to check in with yourself and identify what money really means to you. It also allows you the opportunity to ask questions so you can understand what it means to your partner. Discovering if it’s freedom, power, relief from anxiety etc. may prove to be extremely eye opening and actually deepen your connection to your significant other.

3. Enhance Your Conflict Resolution Skills

Prenuptial agreements will not (or should not) destroy your impending marriage. But like all family law matters, selecting the right attorney to guide you through the process is key! A collaborative family law attorney has the right tools to help manage emotions and keep you both focused on what really matters – your dreams and goals as a couple. They also have strategies to facilitate finding solutions that work for both parties. Tough issues will still have to be addressed, but you can do so in an environment where both parties feel seen, heard and understood. And isn’t that at the heart of every happy marriage?

Schedule a consultation with me today to learn more about the benefits of prenuptial agreements in North Carolina and the value of working with a collaborative family law attorney.

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3 Reasons Why Prenups Are A Good Idea

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