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Using Divorce to Step into Your Best Life

Guest Contributor: Liz Hilliard

In the first chapter of my book Be Powerful; Find Your Strength at any Age I begin with these words: “Power is your absolute knowledge, love and acceptance of yourself, and it comes from knowing who you are, not what you know. Regardless of whatever turns your life may take, this power exists in all of us.”

In 2018 I separated from my husband of 37 years, took a very deep breath, and began living authentically. The fear, the darkness and the pain of that journey is Real. There is no divorce without the loss and hurt that you find in your most vulnerable places, but that’s the point. Finding your deepest, most vulnerable self is where you are guaranteed to find your power.

Seeing clearly and digging deeply into oneself takes courage, practice, and stamina. I equate my physical workout at Hilliard Studio Method to the work and tenacity it takes to build myself emotionally stronger each time I move through the pain of change and let go of what once was. Old thought patterns and habits will need to change as you step into your next best life.

What I’ve learned through the process of accepting myself and living truthfully is that each time the pain comes it is a gateway to my own enlightenment if I’m willing and courageous enough to step into it and feel it in all of its facets. The key to stepping into your pain is to keep moving through it. If you are true to yourself and pay attention to your weaknesses where the pain lives and keep moving forward, you’ll find that miraculously peace and joy are always waiting on the other side.

Be Powerful is written boldly on the wall of my studio at HSM. It represents different things for different people who are all going through changes and challenges I can’t imagine. For me it is a reminder to honor the sacred space I find myself in each day. A space where each thought, each word, and each action are new opportunities to align myself with my own higher power, and to live and breathe empathy first for myself so that I can love and honor those around me. These are the lessons learned from fear and pain that can become golden tools to help you live your best life no matter what circumstances you might find yourself encountering.

Be Powerful.


Change the way you look and feel with Liz Hilliard, creator and owner of Hilliard Studio Method. Using her unique, proven, and unparalleled Method, Liz helps women at any stage and any age sculpt strong, healthy, beautiful bodies and minds.

Liz is an invaluable part of Claire’s Curated Community, ready to guide you through your divorce by helping you discover your power.

Claire Samuels Law, PLLC works with you to resolve your legal issues while also providing the resources and experts you need to facilitate the healthiest process for you and your family.

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