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Selling Your Home During Divorce

Selling a House During Divorce

Selling your home during divorce is emotional. The thought of leaving the place where your child first walked or experienced their first visit from Santa can leave you devastated.

I have walked through this difficult process with a large number of real estate clients in Charlotte. Many of the same questions come up and I know from experience how to help you address them.

  • If income has been impacted, understanding your new housing budget.
  • Incorporating how close a potential new home is to your ex because you may want to maintain a certain amount of (ahem) space.
  • The importance of proximity if seamless co-parenting is a priority.
  •  Questions about new neighborhoods and schools.
  • The facets of managing a property on your own. 

(Claire and I have a list of people who can help you with these things!)


Considerations for Selling Your Home During Divorce

There are so many new factors to consider during the home buying process and it can easily become overwhelming without the guidance of a professional.

You are adjusting to a new normal, making decisions on your own. I suggest my clients create a support system – whether it’s family, friends or even grown children. Having a dependable sounding board is invaluable when making such important decisions.

Take as much time as you need.  I am here to help you navigate this new journey as peacefully and confidently as possible…with compassion and understanding.

Chances are high you’re in a place of self-doubt.  You need a real estate agent that will hold your hand and be there for every question or concern that comes up. 

From managing the transaction to handling all communications between you and potential buyers, I am in this process with you and here to support you every step of the way.



Here’s what one of Claire’s clients had to say about recently working with Nadia to sell her home in Charlotte during her divorce:

“I’m so grateful Claire introduced me to Nadia!

Nadia’s attention went above and beyond during each step of the process of the purchase of my new home. I felt like I was her only client!! 

Her communication was excellent, and she always responded quickly with answers that addressed the multiple issues that came up with the purchase of my new home. She was extremely professional, a great listener and understood my needs and wants. 

“I very much enjoyed working with Nadia and would highly recommend her!!!”  — JB



Clients may need additional support during their divorce. Claire Samuels Law, PLLC has curated a community of the best coaches, therapists and other professionals dedicated to supporting you through your divorce process and beyond.

Charlotte’s Expert Realtor Nadia Meredith is a part of Claire’s compassionate team of experts, ready to guide you through this difficult time with your real estate needs.

Claire Samuels Law, PLLC works with you to resolve your legal issues while also providing the resources and experts you need to facilitate the healthiest process for you and your family.

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